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Does Jelly Pedi clog drains?

No, the Mineral Salt dissolves Jelly back down to water. If needed, add more water and allow the Mineral Salt a few minutes for a complete dissolution.

What kinds of effects does Jelly Pedi have?

Jelly Pedi holds water temperature four times longer than regular water, ideal for spa. It sterilizes and drains out the odor and toxin from feet and relieves and gently exfoliates itchy rashes.

Does Jelly Pedi take too much time?

Jelly forms within minutes of adding the packet into the water, it is up to the salon technician to decide how long to massage and soak in the jelly. Our current customers never had a problem with time.

Does Jelly Pedi form in cold water?


What if I have sensitive or allergies?

Studies have shown that it is safe to use for sensitive skin; test a small patch before using.

Why should we use Jelly Pedi?

For customers, using jelly in spa will be a totally new experience, one that will not be forgotten. For salon technicians, it saves times and energy because it naturally exfoliates and takes off calluses and cuticles while keeping working hands smooth and conditioned.